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UT-models model cars

UT-models was a company that manufactured model cars in the 1:18 scale in the eighties and nineties. The scale models were of high quality and detailed. Nowadays the miniature cars of UT-models are very popular among collectors. Despite the fact that the model cars of UT-models are somewhat older and are no longer made, the quality of the model cars is excellent. Doors, hood and trunk can also be opened.

The history of UT-models

In the late 1990s, UT-models stopped building model cars, but this later turned out to be the beginning of Gateway Global. Gateway Global now makes model cars under the AUTOart brand name. In essence, UT-models is therefore the predecessor of AUTOart. Today AUTOart is known for its good quality and superior detailing.

The range of UT-models

UT-models has mainly made a lot of model cars from the car brands Porsche, Mercedes, Opel and BMW. Also, they have made many cars from racing cars and rally cars. Since the model cars of UT-models have been out of production for a long time, it is difficult for collectors to obtain the model cars from UT-models and to complete their collection.