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GT Spirit model cars

GT Spirit makes exclusive model cars and focuses on the brands BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and Audi. The GT Spirit scale models are of high quality and extremely detailed. GT Spirit's model cars are built in limited editions, making them unique collectibles.

The history of GT Spirit

GT Spirit was founded by a group of friends who share a passion for model cars. The company quickly started to grow and now it is one of the leading model car manufacturers. They now make replicas of cars that stand out for their special design. At the moment GT Spirit focuses on the construction of miniature cars of the brands BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and Audi. These are mainly the more recent models of these car manufacturers.

The quality of GT Spirit model cars

The model cars that GT Spirit builds are resin model cars. With resin it is possible to imitate the shapes of the real car as closely as possible and it is very durable. The doors, trunk and hood of GT Spirit model cars cannot be opened. Each GT Spirit model car is built in a limited edition and each model car is numbered.