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Ottomobile BMW 850 CSI e31 1990 black OT827
Ottomobile BMW 850 CSI e31 1990 black OT827
€ 149.00 € 125.00

Ottomobile model cars

Ottomobile is a manufacturer of model cars in the scale 1:12 and 1:18. Ottomobile builds detailed model cars of classic and legendary cars. Car brands that Ottomobile releases, for example, are Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Renault. All these model cars have been available for a limited time and are limited edition. Ottomobile regularly releases new scale models, making the Ottomobile range ever larger and more versatile.

The philosophy of Ottomobile

Ottomobile was founded by model car collectors who believed that today's model car manufacturers did not make scale models of their favorite cars. The idea behind this is that these miniature cars are not commercially viable for large model car manufacturers. Ottomobile thinks otherwise and makes these model cars available to the public in small numbers.

The Ottomobile scale models have limited availability

All model cars that Ottomobile releases are limited. Each Ottomobile model car has its own serial number. When the specific model cars are sold out, no more model cars of this model will be produced. In this way, the numbers of Ottomobile's scale models remain limited and retain their value. A model car from Ottomobile can therefore be a good investment.

Resin models from Ottomobile

The Ottomobile model cars are exclusively resin models. This means that the model cars are made of a type of synthetic resin. Characteristic of the Ottomobile model car is that the doors, engine cover and tailgate cannot be opened.