Autoart Toyota 2000GT Silver

AUTOart Toyota 2000GT Silver 78752

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Details of this Modelcar

Brand Toyota
Model Toyota 2000GT
Diecast Manufacturer Autoart
Color Silver
Scale 1/18
Material Resin
Dealer edition No
Weight 2.00 kg

Description AUTOart Toyota 2000GT Silver 78752

This is a 1/18 model car of the Toyota 2000GT. The colour of this modelcar is Silver. The manufacturer of this Toyota 2000GT modelcar is Autoart. The version of this model car can be described as AUTOart Toyota 2000GT Silver 78752.

Autoart Modelcars

AUTOart produces detailed scale models of cars. AUTOart distinguishes itself by the level of detail and the perfect proportions of the miniature cars they release. With AUTOart model cars, the doors, trunk and hood can often be opened.


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